Where We Are Growing

Getting to Know Our Sites

New Sites in 2021!

The Lucky Jungle – The Port Neighborhood

Right on Broadway, the Lucky Jungle is a new site for us, hosted by the Lucky Jungle business and Filling In the Gaps Inc in their lot, right next to Lamplighter Brewers. Along with growing some food and flowers, LJ has been our new Tuesday night hangout spot, where we build community, share skills and ideas, and grow a new world together! Join us Tuesdays at 7, weather permitting.

13 Dudley – North Cambridge

A small, self-watering container garden we set up with Nick in his yard. It is an experiment in cost effective and efficient container growing. Thanks to the Cambridge Community Center, we have access to many of these yellow bins for future use!

Rice Circle Beds

Preexisting beds the tenants here are sharing with other neighbors on the street, creating a new communal growing space.

Market St –

Sites launched in 2020, continuing into 2021

Goree House – The Port Neighborhood

Goree House Photos 2021

Goree House garden was CCG’s official launch. Lots of work days led to full beds in September.  CCG members have worked closely with residents of the Port to put in raised beds, paint the house, clean up the grounds, and much more. 

Fayerweather Street

This was our very first garden. Seth was putting up flyers looking for people to volunteer a space, and he met Peggy.  CCG folks put up the bed, filled it with “pony poop” and planted seedlings offered by CCG folks and neighbors. Other neighbors have come regularly to water, all summer.  Still others have offered advice, and local kids come to see what’s growing.  Vassalweather produce has come to all our distribution days.

Cambridge Community Center

Three raised beds at the side of the CCC, beside the playground, had lain empty for several years. A group of CCG volunteers planted tomatoes, greens, and herbs.  We got a late start but have great hopes for next year. We’d love to involve more neighbors in our work. let us know if you’re interested!

Margaret Fuller House

We planted lots of tomatoes in the planters around the parking lot. At the end of the summer, we shared food from here and other sites during two Margaret Fuller House food distribution days, so folks getting boxes of food could also have fresh veg.

Highland Ave

This was the last garden we found and planted in 2020. We got a late start but plenty of free “pony poop” from a horse farm on the North Shore got us a great crop of tomatoes, along with chard, kale, borage, and other goodies.

Restaurant Worker Mutual Aid of Greater Boston (RWMA) @ Abigail’s (From 2020-spring 2021, site now closed)/

This upscale restaurant in East Cambridge is now closed, and houses a food pantry, distributing food to unemployed restaurant workers.  Outside, we put veg in the elegant planters. which meant fresh veg going into the food boxes. 

Squirrel Nut Community Garden – Crab Apple Growers

Photos 2021

Photos 2020

 In one of the city’s community gardens, we have one plot with 3 raised beds, and glorious chard in another. This is the site of weekly Tea in the Garden events on Saturday mornings, and a highly-successful Poets in the Garden event in the Fall of 2020, hosted by acclaimed local poet, Toni Bee. The Crabapple Gardenerz are reaching out to neighbors to encourage a lot more growth!

Winter Street

This is a shady back yard in East Cambridge.  Others had gardened there before and the owner was happy to see it being used. The three creative gardeners found a dresser in the trash and used it as a raised bed. The drawers, and recycling bins, and even concrete blocks, became spaces to grow plants.  They harvested cucumbers and tomatoes and lots of greens.

Hollis Street

We put in two raised beds in a back yard, filled them with pony poop, and planted loads of donated tomato plants.

Getting Pony Poop Compost from Arlington

A few of our brave crews, led by Seth, took a handful of trips up to collect free pony poop compost. Many thanks for the farm for helping our plants grow!

More Coming Soon!!