We started in April, 2020 amidst the COVID-19 crisis to address food shortages and the problematic global food supply chain.

We are a group of volunteers across Cambridge, Massachusetts (and beyond!) working to start up gardens in our neighborhoods to increase access to healthy, organic, and locally grown food. We rely on the support and passion of fellow neighbor-volunteers.

We are not affiliated with any companies, organizations, or governments.

Our Mission Statement

The timing is perfect: It’s spring and many of us suddenly have time on our hands.  Meanwhile, many of our neighbors (including you?) are suddenly wondering how to feed themselves and their families.

Our goals:

  • To grow—and share—as much food as possible, especially with those in need 
  • To learn from each other with our hands in the soil (safely spaced)
  • To build justice, sustainability, mutual aid, and cooperation into all our work
  • To build a local economy of sharing
  • And most of all, to experience the empowerment that comes from working together

Join us as we work together to feed one another: sharing resources, knowledge, skills and energy, and growing community.  


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